HITEC makes you, your business, and your client's spaces look good.

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HITEC takes custom designs and metallyically fuses them onto glass. It's that simple and that complex. It looks good from every angle without sacrificing functionality.

HITEC is a decorative glass company that wows in all spaces

We love design and aesthetics; but we’re a technology company first. It started more than 30 years ago in Taiwan where we provided vacuum coating technology for several applications in various industries. In 2009, we had an epiphany: transform the technology to make high-caliber, decorative glass products that amaze. Today, we’re working with high-level customers, manufacturers, designers, and architects the world over. We have several multinational invention patents for our decorative glass fusion process. It’s called “Thin Film Titanium Sputtering”. And it’s revolutionary in the design, architecture, and glass fabrication fields. We know you’ll be impressed.